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Camping Folkets Hus

Welcome to camping Rörbäcksnäs Folkets Hus

Here is information in English. We offer a simple camping or place to park your vehicle over night while visiting our cosy village. You find toilets, showers and tapwater but no electricity for your vehicle.

If you don’t have Swish you can stay and pay for your visit with banktransfer. 

250 SEK per night

Name: Rorbacksnas Idrottssallskap
Address: Rorbacksnas 9 78066 Rorbacksnas
IBAN: SE27 8000 0816 6173 4432 7528
Message: Camping

To enter the building
The code to get in to the building is *242519* (to lock: * )
Here you can use the toilet and if you want to take a shower please transfer 20 SEK.

The camping is open until September 30.
Contact Eva-Lena Landmark +4670-3983545 if you have any problems. 

Enjoy your stay!

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